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EMAPTA is an offshore outsourcing business solutions company based in the Philippines that offers high-quality, low-cost, personalised dedicated offshore staffing solutions to all Australian and New Zealand businesses, bringing them competitive advantage through the efficient and effective use of this platform.

We deliver Offshore Staff Leasing Solutions that help clients reduce overheads and increase efficiency by offshoring labour to the Philippines without eliminating the client's managerial control over their staff. We manage the recruitment, staff leasing, setting up, and monitoring of offshore staff solely dedicated to each individual client and their goals.

EMAPTA is an Australian company, owned and managed by Australians who understand the unique Australian and New Zealand business environment and culture, and who themselves have extensive experience in operating successful businesses and providing offshore staffing solutions and offshore outsourcing services. As a result EMAPTA has efficient processes in place to optimize the outcomes for our clients.

EMAPTA can offer you access to offshore staff and expertise in every discipline that you otherwise may not be able to invest in if you relied solely on the Australian and New Zealand talent pool, and the associated costs. Talent is the key to success in any business and EMAPTA can recruit highly productive, dedicated professionals with years of experience and training from a global talent pool.


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Our Comminent

At all times and in everything we do, we are transparent. EMAPTA offers full transparency in fees without ever placing any margin on labour costs. This, along with our flexibility and the innovation of our services, will keep your offshore operations in direct alignment with your organisation.

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Competitive Advantage

Apart from evident benefits such as lower operational and labour costs, there are more advantages to offshoring and outsourcing than what’s seen on the surface. Our services are designed in ways that will allow you to generate greater value for your business and be in a favourable position in your niche market. Gain superiority over your competitors now.

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Who are our clients
Who are our clients

Offshoring is a powerful business operations model and it has brought success to many businesses regardless of size. SMEs and large national and multinational corporations have benefited from offshoring and outsourcing their labour and operations. EMAPTA’s offshore staffing services are ensured to offer benefits to all business types, including entrepreneurs.

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EMAPTA’s top management has a broad diversity of educational and professional backgrounds bound by a shared passion to deliver impactful offshore business solutions. The team consists of experienced professionals who share a common goal of delivering not only favourable but excellent results that are most profitable to clients.

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Staffing Roles

Outsource Back Office Services | EMAPTA Offshore Staffing Solutions Philippines

Our highly educated Filipino workforce speak English fluently and are able to provide exceptional back office support. With meticulous attention to detail, and an extremely professional manner, they play a key role in the success of any business, although they are often in the background. Despite the importance of this function, it can easily be undertaken from a remote location, and EMAPTA can provide a comprehensive array of back office staff to Australian businesses including accountants, paraplanners, executive assistants, human resources, and data entry.

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ICT & IT Outsourcing | EMAPTA Offshore Staffing Solutions Philippines

ICT and the web based services have been a rapidly growing and popular discipline in the Philippines and a large proportion of the population is engaged in IT specializations and technical support. Our staff are highly capable from a technical perspective and their fluent English language skills enable them to provide such offshore outsourcing services to Western companies effectively. Thus, we are able to meet all of your internet marketing, game, software and web development needs.

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Creative Services Outsourcing | EMAPTA Offshore Staffing Solutions Philippines
Creative Services

The Philippines is immersed in Western culture and design and experienced in the latest industry software. We outsource creative minds in the disciplines of Web Design, Flash, 3d Animation, CAD and more as a large number of Filipinos take up and graduate from creative design and related courses. With a large creative talent pool available at our doorstep, EMAPTA can outsource any kind of dedicated offshore graphic design solution you desire.

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Communication Services Outsourcing | EMAPTA Offshore Staffing Solutions Philippines

As the Philippines is the best source for fluent English language speakers who are accent neutral and familiar with Western slang, colloquialisms, and figures of speech. We are able to supply you with highly service oriented people, EMAPTA has access to a large pool of proficient talent to assist you with all your communication outsourcing needs including content moderation, telemarketing, customer support and copywriting.

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