Top Talent at up to 70% Less Than You Are Paying Now

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Low-Cost, Low-Risk Staffing Solutions

Money makes the world go round but what if you could make it spin that little bit faster by spending a whole lot less?

At EMAPTA our market-leading offshore staffing solutions make it possible for business owners around the world to make up to 70% savings against their local labour costs.

How? By giving you access to a diverse, highly educated, English-speaking talent pool in the Philippines to build your own highly effective offshore team.
We provide fully-equipped office space, source the best talent and provide end to end business support leaving you free to manage your team and your business at a fraction of your current cost.
If you are struggling to find or hold on to the talent you need, or you are paying too much, or your business is branching out our remote staffing platform could be the shot in the arm your business needs.
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Outsourcing by Numbers

We’ve found there’s only one number our clients are concerned with when making the decision to take their business offshore – how much will it cost. Our fully-transparent pricing model is designed to make costs both affordable and predictable with a fixed service fee each month added to the fully-loaded pass-through cost of your personnel.

When it comes to your dedicated team, you have a major say in who gets hired and how much they are paid, supported throughout by EMAPTA as your expert advisor.

Check out how much our clients have saved with these commonly sought after roles:


PHP 35 = AU $1     PHP 59 = UK £ 1      PHP 47 = US $ 1

Don’t see the role you need to fill? Contact us today for a customised quotation and free consultation.
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The opportunity to reduce overheads, branch out and expand and increase profitability is what brought you here but it’s not the only reason to move your business offshore.
Here’s a few other factors to take into account:
  • At EMAPTA we understand our clients’ need to have direct control over their own operations without the distraction of managing an office – you run it, we support it
  • With 750 employees spread across nearly 200 clients from all over the world, we have a proven business model and an excellent track record of success
  • You’ll like our open approach to pricing which is matched with our commercial terms – no lengthy contracts, no lock-in periods and no hidden small print
  • Our proprietary remote management and monitoring tool puts day to day oversight of your offshore team online – anytime and anywhere on any device.
  • With annual revenues of over US$20bn and approaching 1.5m direct employees, the Philippine BPO sector of which we are part leads the world in outsourced and offshore English-language services
  • The Philippines is the most westernized of all Asian countries thanks to 350 years’ of Spanish then American rule
  • More than 400,000 students graduate every year from college and university, many with professional degrees and excellent spoken and written English, to swell labour pools
We could go on, and on, but you get the drift. Offshoring is no longer just big business, it works as well if not better for smaller businesses.