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The term "back office" originated from the way early organisations would position the team that does the actual running of the company in the building. They are not often seen by customers and thus was called "back office". Despite its lesser visibility, back office functions play a major role in contributing to the success of the business. A good demonstration of back office functions is crucial for efficient business operations.

In spite of its importance, it is not necessary that the demonstration of these functions take place in the office itself. Outsourcing your company’s back office services help reduce costs while increasing operational efficiencies. 

EMAPTA offers a comprehensive suite of offshore back office solutions that will help you focus on your business’ core activities.





As the use of Information and Communications Technology advances and while the Internet continuously gains momentum, keeping up and acquiring cutting edge technology to stay ahead of competitors becomes a real challenge. While it is a necessity to stay updated, keeping your company's hardware and software alone could put a huge strain on your resources. The labour costs of in-house ICT and Internet experts could add to that strain as well.

EMAPTA provides a range of full-blown ICT and Internet services outsourcing for businesses offshore. We offer creative and intelligent offshore outsourcing approaches to your web development, software development, Internet marketing, and technical support needs. As your partner, we aim to generate improvements on both your company's technology efficiency and cost savings.




Managed service support


Great brands start with a vision and a great percentage of your success comes from how you present your brand.

At EMAPTA's creative services department, we make sure that your voice is heard, your vision is seen, and your goal is achieved. We make sure that collaborations and executions are insightful and geared towards the direction you want. Our artists strive to execute the best versions of your idea and deliver on-time. No wasted time, no wasted resources and always achieving.



Business solutions provider


Communication outsourcing for businesses is a definite way to free your business from enormous amounts of time and expense required to effectively operate customer care, sales, support, and communication functions. Outsourcing communication functionalities allows you to allocate the saved time and resource to strengthen your company's core competencies.

Give your business a competitive edge and increase your organisation’s efficiency through EMAPTA’s Communications services. We provide custom managed operations complemented by high-grade facilities and technology. We guarantee transparent quality, professional service at a low cost, and highly efficient, reliable, and flexible staff across a range of specialties.

Our customised communication outsourcing services in telemarketing, customer support, transcription, and copywriting are all packaged with extensive staff training and a seamless transition process. We will grant your business the competitive advantage you've been searching for.


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We’ve learned the only way to get it right is to get it right first time, so we invest heavily at the start of any engagement in properly scoping your requirements and level-setting expectations.

This starts with our first conversation to understand your needs and continues through solution design, our proposal, contract negotiation and implementation process, all the way to steady state operations.

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