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EMAPTA is an Australian-owned and managed offshore staffing solutions company committed to delivering high quality business solutions and fully managed staffing services:


340 Clients


2400 Staff


13 Sites

Staffing Solutions

What can EMAPTA do for you?

EMAPTA leverages years of offshore outsourcing experience to deliver uniquely designed, flexible and responsive solutions to businesses of all sizes.


Recruiting & Talent Acquisition

Recruit experienced and professional staff, with exceptional English communication skills, the EMAPTA way. With our 13 offices located in key business hubs across the Philippines, EMAPTA has the greatest reach to the Philippines tier one talent.

Our industry specialist recruiters implement mainstream and unique best practices to source, screen and secure the most effective and suitable talent. EMAPTA has a dedicated marketing team creating targeted marketing and talent-appealing job ads to win the best talent. Our targeted, tested and proven efforts attract not only active job seekers, but also, passive talent that are not active in the labor market, enabling us to quickly and successfully secure you the optimum talent for your needs.

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Engagement & Retention

EMAPTA knows once we attract top talent, we must invest to retain and motivate these bright stars in order to deliver success for your business. Keeping your team engaged builds a dedicated, loyal workforce that leads to better performance. EMAPTA offers opportunities for continuous growth and promotes a healthy work/life balance to focus on employee well-being in its entirety. Some examples of our programs include monthly coaching sessions to develop career strengths, flexible working arrangements, increased staff autonomy, clearly defined career paths, long-term training programs, recognition and rewards, onsite health and life services. We have a monthly HAPPY@WORK program that balances out our day to day work with some fun and keeps our work place social and inclusive.

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Training & Development

At EMAPTA, we know that true offshoring success is found in your staffs’ ability to exceed expectations and perform at the highest level. Training and development are continuous processes, from the job start—providing a fast path to peak performance—and throughout employment, giving staff the support they need to adapt, excel and grow. EMAPTA provides learning programs in cultural training, leadership, communication, technology and functional areas of expertise. We use a variety of learning and evaluation methodologies focusing on staff development and building capabilities aligned with clients’ overall objectives.

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Emapta Staffing Plus

With ESP, you can more easily manage your team remotely. Our proprietary management portal provides you one dashboard with full visibility of your entire Philippine-based operation. Log in to ESP from your desktop, laptop or smartphone and find all your offshore related information. You will find video recorded talent interviews and skill test results, attendance tracker, training and engagement updates for your team, copies of all your teams’ employment agreements and employee related performance/documentation notices, an almost automatic rewards and recognition system, live 24/7 IT infrastructure and connectivity reporting, and much more. ESP is built to enable client management teams to seamlessly monitor and control their offshore operations and bridge the distance with offshore teams.

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Technology & Support

EMAPTA’s technology and support ensure that your information remains connected, secure and protected. EMAPTA has made significant investments in our IT infrastructure and network. We operate within ITIL guidelines, our IT infrastructure is designed and operated to Australian standards, is underpinned by full redundancy, has automatic fail-over and is supported by 24/7 IT technicians. EMAPTA is in the process of acquiring our ISO 27001 certification, as such ISO-level policies, processes and procedures are embedded in our operations to ensure clients only get exceptional, world-class service.

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Locations & Facilities

EMAPTA’s network of eleven carefully chosen offices are strategically located in highly accessible, commuter-friendly business hubs. These areas are surrounded by popular restaurants, cafes, retail and other amenities, making them convenient and desirable to staff. The exceptional facilities include a mix of shared open-plan and private office spaces and each is outfitted above offshore staffing industry standards to create an optimum working environment that grows with your business. Our sites include premium work space, multiple conference and training rooms, communal areas for breaks and welcoming reception area. All facilities are in central technology hubs with 100% power back up, multiple redundant Internet connections, and 24/7 security with controlled access.

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Client Testimonials

“I highly recommend EMAPTA as a world class offshoring partner. We’ve worked with other offshore providers and EMAPTA stands head and shoulders above others. From our first dealings, they have been professional and flexible to our needs.”

Efren Chaux
Founder, Filta

“Benefits of offshore staffing to EMAPTA allows us to deliver projects and obtain the resources that we need to grow. In the long term, this will completely transform the business.”

Lachlan Gray
Managing Director, Graycorp

“Our experience with EMAPTA from day one has been amazing right through when our first two designers started. Customer experience is first class. Working with EMAPTA made employing Philippine team far easier.”

Simon Hughes
Founder and Creative Director, Nose to Tail

“We are doing a lot of expansion, and by offshoring, we have the ability to add so many levels of quality to our processes at a reduced cost.”

Chris Adams
General Manager, TechPath

“There was access to high-quality staff, university-trained people, and experienced workers. The costs of having a team here is very low compared to travel and other associated costs of having it somewhere else.”

Rob Alexander
Sr. Financial Planner, Spectrum Financial Strategists

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