EMAPTA Staffing Plus

EMAPTA Staffing Plus, or ESP, helps you more easily manage your team remotely. ESP provides you full visibility to your entire Philippine-based operation. It addresses the pain points that clients may experience when working with a geographically separated team.


With ESP, you can get real-time status on the team’s activities including attendance. It helps you connect with your offshore staff and keep them updated and trained.


Current features include:

  • Real-time team status and ability to export historical attendance data.
  • Cultural awareness education along with recommendations on sensitive matters.
  • Integrated Video & SMS messaging.
  • Talent selection with video recording of interviews and hundreds of available skill tests.
  • Internet connectivity reporting and customised client service monitoring.
  • 24/7 office camera.
  • Integrated Help Desk for contacts for each department.
  • Rewards and recognition system.
  • ESP Shop & Rewards allowing you to quickly and easily upgrade your workstations.
  • Local workstation monitoring that tracks web and application use with screenshots every ten minutes.
  • Access to your dedicated Relationship Manager.
  • Complete online performance appraisal system.
  • EMAPTA iOS and Android applications.

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