EMAPTA Staffing Plus

EMAPTA Staffing Plus, or ESP, helps you more easily manage your team remotely. ESP provides you full visibility to your entire Philippine-based operation. It addresses the pain points that clients may experience when working with a geographically separated team.


With ESP, you can get real-time status on the team’s activities including attendance. It helps you connect with your offshore staff and keep them updated and trained.


Current features include:

  • Real-time team status and ability to export historical attendance data.
  • Cultural awareness education along with recommendations on sensitive matters.
  • Integrated Video & SMS messaging.
  • Talent selection with video recording of interviews and hundreds of available skill tests.
  • Internet connectivity reporting and customised client service monitoring.
  • 24/7 office camera.
  • Integrated Help Desk for contacts for each department.
  • Rewards and recognition system.
  • ESP Shop & Rewards allowing you to quickly and easily upgrade your workstations.
  • Local workstation monitoring that tracks web and application use with screenshots every ten minutes.
  • Access to your dedicated Relationship Manager.
  • Complete online performance appraisal system.
  • EMAPTA iOS and Android applications.

Client Testimonials

“I have increased my turnaround time by approximately 20% using the EMAPTA offshore staffing model. I feel confident taking on more project work over the coming months and plan to add to my team in the near future.”

Froster Engineering Logo Jeff Froster,
Managing Director, Froster Engineering

“Our Philippines offshore team is working and collaborating effectively in a purpose-built facility within EMAPTA, complete with the necessary online tools, systems, and applications that are integrated with our Australian offices.”

SOLECTRIC Australia Matt Wilkins,
Owner, Solectric

“Offering a qualified workforce, infrastructure, and Internet based operations, EMAPTA aided us in our ability to respond to market demands. Our sales process has become more aggressive than passive.”

Alpha Car Hire Nigel Sellars,
General Manager, Alpha Car Hire

“Our experience with EMAPTA from day one has been amazing right through when our first two designers started. Customer experience is first class. Working with EMAPTA made employing Philippine team far easier.”

Nose to Tail Simon Hughes,
Founder and Creative Director, Nose to Tail

“With the setup provided by EMAPTA and the kind of talents they have engaged, we find ease in guiding our offshore and helping them value their contribution to the business.”

Filta Global Logo Nerissa Chaux,
Founder, Filta Global

“EMAPTA’s dedicated offshore staffing model provides everything we need to grow our firm and serve our clients with excellence.”

View Legal Naomi Arnold,
Partner & Founder, View Legal

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