Empowered Partnering

EMAPTA is an Australian owned and managed offshore staffing solutions company delivering world class standards and unparalleled flexibility and transparency. We are greatly committed to delivering high quality business solutions and fully managed staffing services to over 270 clients across a diverse range of industries including accounting and financial services, transport, construction, media, nonprofit, telecommunications, IT, legal, advertising, medical, retail and industrial. In the process, we are empowering over 2,000 staff operating from eleven grade A office sites strategically located across Manila and progressive areas in the Philippines.

What is Good for Clients is Good for Business

EMAPTA sees its role quite different from its primary competitors. We endeavour to always represent our client’s interests and to assist our clients to build and develop high performing teams that are indoctrinated into both our clients operational and cultural DNA.


We recognised a long time ago that our clients’ staff should, first and foremost, align with our clients’ culture, values and identity. As such, we work in partnership with you to always put our clients’ identity at the forefront of all career decisions and staffing solutions. The ultimate extension of this is providing our clients with dedicated private offices that are fully tailor-fit with our client’s own company branding, vision, mission and service statements.


When we do our role well, we are invisible and are silently and seamlessly supporting our clients’ teams to excel. We complement our client’s efforts by continuously implementing a range of staff development and employee engagement initiatives throughout the journey of ‘their’ staff.

What Drives Us

Staff First. At the core of everything we do is the welfare and best interest of our staff. We understand that our entire business model relies on our ability to attract and retain outstanding, high-quality talent. Similarly, we can’t execute our business if we don’t have a flourishing employee-driven ecosystem. With every single decision we make, we keep our staff’s best interest at heart first — in front of any other stakeholder.


Transparency and Compassionate Management. We strongly advocate transparency and compassionate management. This helps minimise conflict amongst team members, which, in turn, reduces churn. A huge part of an offshore operation is trust amongst stakeholders including their offshore employees. 100% transparency and compassion build trust and allows people to realise they’re all on the same team — all working towards the same goal. An offshore operation founded on trust is beyond a competitive advantage.

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