Employee Engagement

At the core of everything we do is the welfare and best interest of the staff. We understand that our entire business model relies on our ability to attract and retain outstanding, high-quality talent. Similarly, we can’t execute our business if we don’t have a flourishing employee-driven ecosystem. With every single decision we make, we put our/your staff’s best interest at heart first — in front of all other priorities and stakeholders. We believe in engaging each of our people to build an inclusive workplace culture together – one that is built on fairness, inclusion, merit and respect to help employees perform to their full potential.


Employee engagement means engaging the mind and connecting with the heart of every employee. Keeping our employees engaged and motivated builds a loyal, dedicated workforce that leads to better performance. More importantly, our tried and tested approach helps improve employee well-being which directly correlates to positive and tangible business outcomes.


We strongly advocate transparency and compassionate management. This helps minimise conflict amongst team members, which, in turn, reduces churn. A huge part of an offshore operation is trust amongst stakeholders including all offshore employees. 100% transparency and compassionate management build trust and reaffirms to all staff and stakeholders we are all on the same team — all working towards the same goal. An offshore operation founded on transparency and trust is beyond a competitive advantage.


Driven by our vision and values, employees are empowered and given the tools and resources to make a meaningful impact, both in and outside of the workplace. Reinforced by our commitments to our clients’ businesses and lifelong learning, EMAPTA offers opportunities for continuous growth and promotes a healthy work/life balance to focus on employee well-being in its entirety.

Client Testimonials

“A strong team culture is key to our success. EMAPTA provides all the support to take our business forward. We are extremely happy with the quality of talent and enhanced customer experience.”

ACURUSS Information Technology Mark Sergeant
Shared Operations Manager, Acurus

“Employees get treated well. It’s a respectful culture, which is aligned with what I want to do.”

GrayCorp Logo Lachlan Gray
Managing Director, Graycorp

“EMAPTA was able to structure a deal that made sense to us financially and also preserved the entitlements of the employees, making sure that we as a company looked after the staff’s interest during a very challenging and uncertain period.”

BookTopia Logo Paul Thorney
Customer Happiness Manager, Booktopia

“EMAPTA’s dedicated offshore staffing model provides everything we need to grow our firm and serve our clients with excellence.”

View Legal Naomi Arnold
Partner & Founder, View Legal

“Offshoring with EMAPTA is allowing us to plan ahead, create more service options and add more value to our clients’ businesses.”

TechPath Logo Chris Adams
General Manager, TechPath

“Working with EMAPTA has enabled us to recruit, engage and retain the most suitable talents for our offshore team.”

Filta Global Logo Nerissa Chaux
Founder, Filta Global

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