EMAPTA’s Lead Program

EMAPTA is on a mission to create and nurture leaders. As such, we believe that fostering a culture of learning and empowerment is critical so employees can take their career anywhere they want it to go. We provide every possible resource and tools to help employees learn new skills and reach their career development goals, while making their stay in EMAPTA a truly enjoyable experience.


  • Future career goals and remuneration set in advance – 3 to 5 years in advance employees know their salary and career direction.
  • Flexible working arrangements, including either a 4-day work week; flexible starting or finishing times (at discretion and choice of employee); part-time WFH or WFLO (work from local office) to reduce/eliminate commute time.
  • Compassionate management, where company takes responsibility for a bad hire (when a staff resigns or is fired, employee is paid a minimum of a month’s salary).
  • Increased staff autonomy, i.e. no manager approval for sick or leave days, flexibility to cash in HMO or change the package.
  • Long service leaves and retirement plans for tenured employees.
  • Fitness and wellness programs.