Mortgage Process Offshoring

24/7 loan processing in North America: an impossible goal to some, a reality you can achieve with mortgage process outsourcing

The Mortgage lending sector is facing a new set of challenges—increased compliance from regulatory bodies, the cost of origination, high customer expectations, undesirable closing ratios, and keeping up with the ever-increasing competition to maintain your edge.

Customers also expect you to deliver with speed, but this can only be possible if you have people processing loans round the clock. But you can’t achieve this simply by increasing your local headcount or burning your team’s productivity with extended office hours.

If you want to optimize your lending processes and stand out with record-breaking turnaround time, a dedicated mortgage process offshore team can be your competitive advantage.

Improve productivity, mitigate risks, and save on labor costs with EMAPTA’s mortgage process offshoring (MPO)

Mortgage lenders agree that loan applications, production, underwriting, post-closing and auditing all require a highly skilled team. Furthermore, compliance and managing the regulatory dynamic are labour-intensive tasks that involve considerable training and a specialized skill set. Whether you are a fast-growing servicer looking to scale or an industry veteran looking to optimize your business, EMAPTA’s offshore mortgage staffing solutions enable you to deliver with speed and quality.

Offshoring works effectively for the Mortgage sector because many hard-to-fill roles within the world’s largest financial institutions have long been performed by offshore teams in the Philippines. There’s also a huge talent pool available to provide the expertise you’re looking for, so we can find specialized Mortgage talent for you faster.

EMAPTA’s offshore teams are drawn from a well-educated talent pool and are structured to give you full control of your offshore operations, allowing your company’s culture and processes to be at the forefront, not the other way around.

EMAPTA services many leading lending companies in North America with full-time, dedicated, experienced and technically skilled resources who can perform your mortgage services efficiently using the latest technology. By leveraging talent in the Philippines, we have transformed mortgage businesses with these highly sought-after benefits:

  • Faster-than-industry-average turnaround time
  • Flexibility in Capacity and Resource planning
  • Improved compliance processes
  • Efficient Underwriting
  • Increased profitability
  • Higher retention rate

Meet one of our Mortgage Process Outsourcing Experts

Sample staff roles and skills:


  • Authorizing and underwriting loans
  • Reviewing and verifying loan applications and conditions using documentation
  • Analyzing loan risk, requesting additional information, preparing reports on assessment findings
  • Ensure compliance with regulatory standards, company policies and guidelines
  • Proficient with automated underwriting systems.


  • Review Title Reports, Escrow Instructions, Appraisal Reports, Appraisal Invoices, Credit Reports, Credit Invoices, Purchase Contracts
  • Immerse in different processes to identify the potential failure modes that will help in creating Failure Mode and Effect Analysis
  • Create Weekly Summary Report Regarding the DPMO and Error Rate of the service
  • Calibrate audit results
  • Proficient with Encompass Software


  • Ensure that all needed Appraisal documents are uploaded
  • Use review checklist to analyze appraisals and ensure agency guidelines have been met and value is supported
  • Pull Flood Cart, Fraud Report and add conditions as required per the appraisal review
  • Respond to all related correspondence and inquiries in a professional timely manner
  • Proficient with BNT Touch Software


  • Review and analyze the purchase contract, amendments, addendum and disclosures received in the system
  • Review and identify required information such as purchase price, closing costs, buyer/seller/broker information, and transfer taxes
  • Calculate contingencies if needed
  • Communicate to Underwriter in US if verification needed
  • Add tracking items to notify the Underwriter of the discrepancy occured
  • Proficient with Jungo Software


As the #1 BPO in the Philippines, EMAPTA continues to build long-term partnerships with mortgage lending companies globally, attracting and retaining top tier talent in the Philippines to support their continuous growth.

We are above industry standard on attracting top talent, with our job board earning over 89 million total pageviews

We have more than 4,000 finance professionals in expanding talent network

We have employed more than 600 finance and accounting professionals to over 300 clients

Since 2009, we have grown to over 2,000 employees with 11 premium offices located across central business hubs in the Philippines

Our clients save 70% on labor costs and gain higher ROI though continuous operations with a dedicated team

Our lending specialists can also perform the following tasks:

  • Loan Document Management
  • Loan Packaging and Review
  • Title Support
  • Appraisal Ordering
  • Fraud Review
  • Borrower File Review
  • Data Validation
  • Fraud Analysis
  • Appraisal Ordering and Review
  • HUD Statement Preparation
  • Reviewing Payoff Statements
  • Trailing Document Retrieval
  • Assembling the Post-Closing Mortgage Loan Package
  • Post-Closing Data Integrity Audits
  • Borrower File Review
  • Underwriting QC
  • Post-Closing Services
  • Risk and Data Quality Analysis

Grow your mortgage service with EMAPTA’s flexible operating model and save up to 70% on labor costs

Get started with mortgage process outsourcing to the Philippines today. Give us a call or email to share your company’s needs. We can set up your offshore team in the Philippines in as short as 6 weeks.