24/7 loan processing in North America: an impossible goal to some,
a reality you can achieve with mortgage process outsourcing

Sample Roles:

EMAPTA services the top lending companies in North America with full-time, dedicated, experienced and technically skilled resources who can perform your mortgage services efficiently using the latest technology. 

By leveraging talent in the Philippines, we have transformed mortgage businesses providing:

Welcome to Mortgage Process Outsourcing 2.0

Partner with an experienced offshore provider servicing the North American mortgage industry to complete your mortgage cycle faster at a lower cost.

Faster-than-industry-average turnaround time

Flexibility in capacity and resource planning

Improved compliance processes

Efficient underwriting

Increased profitability

Higher retention rate


  • ◾ Authorize and underwrite loans
  • ◾ Verify loan applications and conditions
  • ◾ Make loan eligibility decisions
  • ◾ Ensure compliance with regulatory standards

Compliance analyst

  • ◾ Review appraisal and credit reports 
  • ◾ Evaluate escrow instructions and purchase contracts 
  • ◾ Identify potential failure modes 
  • ◾ Calibrate audit results


  • ◾ Upload appraisal documents 
  • ◾ Review and approve settlement statements
  • ◾ Arrange requirements for appraisal review 
  • ◾ Create a closing package and audit file 

QC Auditor

  • ◾ Review and analyze purchase contracts
  • ◾ Calculate contingencies 
  • ◾ Review purchase price, closing costs, and transfer taxes 
  • ◾ Verify buyer/seller/broker information 

Meet One of our Mortgage Process Outsourcing Experts

The Mortgage lending sector is facing a new set of challenges—increased compliance from regulatory bodies, the cost of origination, high customer expectations, undesirable closing ratios, and keeping up with ever-increasing competition to maintain your edge.

Improve productivity, mitigate risks, and save up to 70% on labor costs with EMAPTA’s Mortgage Process Offshoring 

(MPO)  Mortgage lenders agree that loan applications, production, underwriting, post-closing and auditing all require a highly skilled team.   

Furthermore, compliance and managing the regulatory dynamic are labour-intensive tasks that involve considerable training and a specialized skill set.

 Whether you are a fast-growing servicer looking to scale or an industry veteran looking to optimize your business, EMAPTA’s offshore mortgage staffing solutions enable you to deliver with speed and quality. Offshoring works effectively for the Mortgage sector because many hard-to-fill roles within the world’s largest financial institutions have long been performed by offshore teams in the Philippines.

There’s also a huge talent pool available to provide the expertise you’re looking for, so we can find specialized Mortgage talent for you faster.  EMAPTA’s offshore teams are drawn from a well-educated talent pool and are structured to give you full control of your offshore operations, allowing your company’s culture and processes to be at the forefront, not the other way around.


Grow your mortgage service with EMAPTA’s flexible operating model and save up to 70% on labor costs.


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Partner with an experienced offshore provider servicing the North American mortgage industry to complete your mortgage cycle faster at a lower cost.