EMAPTA’s Employee Engagement
Excellence (3Es) Framework

Everything we do is aligned to our proprietary Employee Engagement Excellence (3Es) Framework focuses on three engagement drivers — People, Processes and Systems — to enable us to better respond to the changing offshoring sector and positions EMAPTA to influence long-term outcomes for our clients.


This “promote, participate, and perform” definition was derived from interviews and discussions with internal stakeholders regarding what engaged employees think and do. We believe that an employee must exhibit all three facets of promoting, participating, and performing to be considered “engaged.”




EngagementEngaged employees doWhat engaged employees think:

Speak positively about EMAPTA to co-workers, potential employees and clients

  • I will not hestitate to recommend EMAPTA to a friend seeking employment
  • Given the opportunity, I will tell others great things about working in EMAPTA

An intense sense of belonging and inclusion and desire to be part of EMAPTA; always keen and willing to be involved

  • It will take a lot to get me to leave EMAPTA
  • I rarely think about leaving EMAPTA to work somewhere else

Are motivated and exert effort towards success in their jobs and for EMAPTA

  • EMAPTA inspires me to do my best work every day.
  • EMAPTA motivates me to contribute more than is normally required to complete my work.

Client Testimonials

“A strong team culture is key to our success. EMAPTA provides all the support to take our business forward. We are extremely happy with the quality of talent and enhanced customer experience.”

Mark Sergeant
Shared Operations Manager, Acurus

“Employees get treated well. It’s a respectful culture, which is aligned with what I want to do.”

Lachlan Gray
Managing Director, Graycorp

“EMAPTA was able to structure a deal that made sense to us financially and also preserved the entitlements of the employees, making sure that we as a company looked after the staff’s interest during a very challenging and uncertain period.”

Paul Thorney
Customer Happiness Manager, Booktopia

“EMAPTA’s dedicated offshore staffing model provides everything we need to grow our firm and serve our clients with excellence.”

Naomi Arnold
Partner & Founder, View Legal

“Offshoring with EMAPTA is allowing us to plan ahead, create more service options and add more value to our clients’ businesses.”

Chris Adams
General Manager, TechPath

“Working with EMAPTA has enabled us to recruit, engage and retain the most suitable talents for our offshore team.”

Nerissa Chaux
Founder, Filta Global

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