Invested in Lifelong Learning

To maintain our team’s edge in a dynamic industry, ongoing investment in the skills, knowledge and growth of our people is critical. We know that maintaining our culture of excellence means constantly working to encourage our people to prepare themselves for the opportunities and challenges of tomorrow.
From recent graduates launching their careers with us, to seasoned colleagues connecting with new roles across the company, we encourage, support and invest in our employees’ lifelong learning.


We are proud to deliver the following training and programs.
This are samples of what EMAPTA does to train and develop our team.


  • Cultural & Communications Training. When onboarding, all employees receive training on working directly with globally-based clients. We help them know some of the unique differences of working with teams in different countries and different time zones. In addition, we offer correspondence training for all business and email communications.
  • Coaching & Mentoring. Used to enhance employee skills, knowledge and performance, EMAPTA promotes regular coaching sessions facilitated by line managers, HR, and OD. This includes delivering Gallup’s Strengthfinder’s internationally acclaimed coaching and personal development program every month with up to one-hour one-on-one personal development and life coaching. Under this initiative, employees take an online StrengthsFinder™ survey, which reveals strengths across 34 themes of talent, based on instinctual, top-of-mind responses that are not likely to change over time. Employees may work with a certified strengths coach, who walks them through their results to help them understand and learn how to make the best use of their strengths, as well as enhance their performance and peer relationships. The coaches also work with managers to better understand their team’s StrengthsFinder reports so they can better manage and coach them individually and as a group.
  • Active Training and Development Programs. This addresses technical training and general soft skills training and development specifically designed for key employees.
  • Leadership Development Series (LDS): Designed to build a solid foundation for those looking to enhance their leadership and management skills, this program offers a set of soft skills programs for leads/supervisors.