The Recruiting Team

The EMAPTA Recruitment Team is composed of seasoned and highly professional senior recruiters with experience in full-cycle recruiting. Our recruiters come from BPO, recruitment and executive search firms and are each managed by a recruitment team lead per vertical. Recruiters’ tasks are focused solely in sourcing and recruiting, while a separate team handles job offer, pre-employment facilitation and onboarding. Recruitment is centralized in one location segmented per vertical/functional area, so recruiters do not process the same candidate for different clients simultaneously.


At EMAPTA, we draw on the expertise of our current employees to help us find other outstanding people. We consult these subject matter experts (SMEs) to help us craft the job requirements, identify key hiring attributes and screen the candidates. For example, when sourcing and onboarding new accounting talent, recruiters discuss specific accounting roles with the Senior Chartered Accountants employed by EMAPTA. To build the clearest picture of what we need in our candidates, we layer recruiter experience on top of the clients’ knowledge and fill in any gaps with the wisdom of our SMEs.


Our subject matter experts specialize in five main verticals:

  1. Accounting & Finance
  2. Information Technology
  3. Call Centre and BPO Services
  4. General Admin/ Sales and Marketing
  5. Engineering, Architectural and Industrial Services