Client Testimonials

“EMAPTA is Acurus’ top choice. Their nine-person offshore team, a mix of technical and customer support roles, operates 24 hours in three rotating shifts from EMAPTA’s office in Makati City Central Business District.”

Jason Matser
Managing Director, Acurus

“From our staff perspective, they love the offices and are really happy working within EMAPTA office. If they have concerns, they know we can get them resolved quickly because EMAPTA attends to it.”

Efren Chaux
Founder, Filta Global

“Offshoring with EMAPTA is allowing us to plan ahead, create more service options and add more value to our clients’ businesses.”

Chris Adams
General Manager, TechPath

“Our experience with EMAPTA from day one has been amazing right through when our first two designers started. Customer experience is first class. Working with EMAPTA made employing Philippine team far easier.”

Simon Hughes
Founder and Creative Director, Nose to Tail

“It’s the best of both worlds for Simple iD: building an effective offshore staff and not having to perform the self-incorporation, recruitment, pay processing and infrastructure setup – all of which EMAPTA delivers. I’d consider building staff offshore a safe investment.”

Alex Laurie
Operations Manager, Simple iD

“Offering a qualified workforce, infrastructure, and Internet based operations, EMAPTA aided us in our ability to respond to market demands. Our sales process has become more aggressive than passive.”

Nigel Sellars
General Manager, Alpha Car Hire

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