What are EMAPTA’s fees?

Our pricing is designed to be simple and transparent, with standard business terms that are as easy to work with. You will pay a fixed monthly rate per employee and we pass the direct salary cost to you with no mark-up. No long term contracts.


Offshore Salary Calculator
  • Fixed Monthly Rate
  • No Long Term Contracts
  • No mark-up ever on employee salaries



Your EMAPTA dedicated offshore staffing solution includes:


  • Onsite Australian Managers
  • Full-time Onsite HR Manager
  • Legal Employment of Staff
  • Induction & Oversight of Staff
  • Full-time Onsite IT Manager
  • Employee Retention Program
  • 100% Redundant Internet Connection
  • IT & Data Security
  • Biometrics Attendance Report
  • Video Conference Room Access
  • Remote Workstation Access
  • 24-hour Facility

Offshore Staffing Salary Comparison

Compare Offshore staffing role salaries in a sample of roles.

Current market salary

AU staff annual salary: $55,186

PH staff annual salary: $20,571

Your estimated savings

Annual Savings: $34,615

Annual Savings %: 63%

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