What are EMAPTA’s fees?

Our pricing is designed to be simple and transparent, with standard business terms that are as easy to work with. You will pay a fixed monthly rate per employee and we pass the direct salary cost to you with no mark-up. No long term contracts.


Offshore Salary Calculator
  • Fixed Monthly Rate
  • No Long Term Contracts
  • No mark-up ever on employee salaries



Your EMAPTA dedicated offshore staffing solution includes:


  • Onsite Australian Managers
  • Full-time Onsite HR Manager
  • Legal Employment of Staff
  • Induction & Oversight of Staff
  • Full-time Onsite IT Manager
  • Employee Retention Program
  • 100% Redundant Internet Connection
  • IT & Data Security
  • Biometrics Attendance Report
  • Video Conference Room Access
  • Remote Workstation Access
  • 24-hour Facility

Offshore Staffing Salary Comparison

Compare Offshore staffing role salaries in a sample of roles.

Current market salary

AU staff annual salary: $55,186

PH staff annual salary: $20,571

Your estimated savings

Annual Savings: $34,615

Annual Savings %: 63%

Client Testimonials

“I highly recommend EMAPTA as a world class offshoring partner. We’ve worked with other offshore providers and EMAPTA stands head and shoulders above others. From our first dealings, they have been professional and flexible to our needs.”

Efren Chaux
Founder, Filta Global

“We are looking to double our margin and Philippine staff within two years. The key is support; making sure customers are satisfied and will stay with us forever. EMAPTA’s offshore platform is key to us achieving our vision.”

Gavin Keane
Managing Director, Simple iD

“Our experience with EMAPTA from day one has been amazing right through when our first two designers started. Customer experience is first class. Working with EMAPTA made employing Philippine team far easier.”

Simon Hughes
Founder and Creative Director, Nose to Tail

“I have increased my turnaround time by approximately 20% using the EMAPTA offshore staffing model. I feel confident taking on more project work over the coming months and plan to add to my team in the near future.”

Jeff Froster
Managing Director, Froster Engineering

“There was access to high-quality staff, university-trained people, and experienced workers. The costs of having a team here is very low compared to travel and other associated costs of having it somewhere else.”

Rob Alexander
Sr. Financial Planner, Spectrum Financial Strategists

“It’s the best of both worlds for Simple iD: building an effective offshore staff and not having to perform the self-incorporation, recruitment, pay processing and infrastructure setup – all of which EMAPTA delivers. I’d consider building staff offshore a safe investment.”

Alex Laurie
Operations Manager, Simple iD

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