The Recruiting Process

At EMAPTA, a critical part of our role is to help you make better decisions in building your offshore team. Our approach to recruitment and selection follows a simple process for identifying and hiring A-players with a high degree of success.


  1. Phone Interview: Immediately done for A-grade candidates once they apply.
  2. Initial Video Interview (optional): We fast track candidates to this process once they’ve qualified for the phone interview.
  3. Initial Client Assessment and Qualifications Submission: We’ll send you the collated phone and video interviews together with complete details of the candidate’s CV, references, working experience, skills, and all relevant qualifications for the role they’re applying, so you can select who you prefer to interview.
  4. Additional Tests: Subject to your preference, we can include a whole range of skills, psychological, IQ and EQ tests to measure the suitability and alignment of the candidate to your company.
  5. Final Video Interview: When the candidate passes all initial process, we’ll assist you and facilitate a video interview between you and the candidates.
  6. Job Offer: After all the interviews and selection of candidates, we assist in negotiations and give the best competitive offers to candidates to secure them for you. Before any candidate is approved for hire they need to pass the following background checks: police records, ID validation, NBI Clearance, checks with prior employers, validation of address, and pre-employment medical checks.
  7. Approved Candidate Profile: Once they’ve accepted the offer and we’ve collated all information and qualifications about the candidate, we submit it to you for final review and approval.

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