We believe in the importance of fostering an enthusing work life to keep our staff happy and healthy. From trainings and gatherings, to fulfilling our social responsibilities, we make sure to provide engaging and meaningful activities for our staff to enjoy.

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Our 12 state-of-the art world service centres are conveniently located across top central business districts in Metro Manila and other talent rich regions in the Philippines. Closely located to all major transportation hubs and essential commercial establishments, EMAPTA offices are secure, accessible and advantageous to manage and grow your offshore teams.

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We continuously invest in our staff's personal development to strengthen their skills, improve their performance and morale. We understand that to attract and retain top talent we must foster innovative training and development initiatives to empower them to become highly skilled, motivated, and enthusiastic members of their teams.

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across the country, we go where your
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EMAPTA is an Australian-owned and managed offshoring company committed to delivering fully managed and secure remote staffing services with over 10 years of experience in the outsourcing industry. We have over 2,400 staff in dedicated roles that serve over 340 clients supported with our recruitment expertise, HR administration, IT and data security infrastructure, and business continuity-ready network of 12 offices.