Delivering Service Excellence…
How This Works


Align client and EMAPTA goals to ensure both parties’ expectations are met.

  • Create client road map and work strategy
  • Relationship-mapping and alignment with internal stakeholders
  • Deliver necessary documentation


Processes and systems are put in place for a seamless transition.

  • Fulfillment of client’s staff requirements
  • Resource allocation when needed
  • Performance monitoring to ensure progressive and concrete value process


Full accountability for a consistent delivery of high-quality services.

  • Meetings and momentum assessment
  • Account review with client or management
  • Staff management reporting


Constant review and evaluation of our services and process and addressing all concerns and adjusting for the future.

  • Account performance measurement
  • Continuity of processes and improving effectiveness

Planning: EMAPTA will have a dedicated point of contact in the entirety of the partnership. A Relationship Manager will be introduced and assigned to the client on the onset, together with Site Manager they will work closely with client and team to determine and address any onsite operational needs. They would communicate agendas to the management and communicate our capabilities to address growing business needs.

Implementation: EMAPTA works closely with clients to ensure that support and appropriate solutions are seamlessly and effectively provided. Our approach is designed to meet both quality and efficiency with high focus on client experience, Service Level Agreement and staff performance. Once confirmed and established with our clients, a series of initiatives, processes and activities will be designed to monitor, manage and ensure quality requirements across the support team.

Calibration: Consistent and regular meeting and calibration sessions conducted to ensure close alignment between quality expectations of our support team and our clients.

To facilitate sustainable relationship with our clients and aid our Site Managers and Relationship Managers in their daily activities, we provide real-time performance dashboards in collaboration with our HR team and use different communication channels that we have adopted to maintain a focus on delivering excellent service across all sites, thereby, ensuring our clients that the services they need are available anytime.

To achieve continuous calibration, we offer:

  • Team meetings: Regular, formal meeting with Site Managers and Relationship Managers under the Operations team to communicate and review site performance and address site issues.
  • One-on-ones: Regular catch-up with Relationship Managers or through team leaders to review performance and identify improvement opportunities.
  • Side-by-side coaching: Site Managers and Relationship Managers undergo regular executive coaching with particular focus on process compliance, site issue resolution and people management, ensuring our clients with highly adaptive and compliant leaders overseeing staff operations.

Management Review & Evaluation: Hands-on, 1-on-1 meeting with the CEO with the Site Managers and Senior stakeholders to ensure complete alignment on quality through every level of the support. EMAPTA ensures the achievement of set SLAs and are measured to ensure high quality outcomes. We focus on communication and visibility to our clients and constantly review our performance through a range of sessions to maintain a strong focus on achieving both organisational and clients’ goals.

Across the sites, we will develop a “Balanced Scorecard” that will apply specific weightings for performance evaluation. The performance score card assures our client a concrete quality and behavioural statistics and data that will facilitate ongoing and future decisions in terms of staff management. With a robust service quality framework and concrete service delivery process, EMAPTA ensures our clients not just short-term engagement but a long-term engagement and development that focuses its lens primarily on excellent service outcomes.

We deliver excellence through these quality assurance measures:

Service Quality Expectations: Ensuring quality interactions through high standard service behaviours across EMAPTA support team.

  • Reliability: Our team’s ability to perform promised service dependably and accurately.
  • Responsiveness: Our team’s willingness to assist promptly and even go beyond expectations.
  • Assurance: Our team’s ability to convey trust and confidence with our clients and staff.
  • Empathy: Our team’s ability to listen and act on things that are essential to our clients.

Quality Scorecards and Monitoring: Tailored to the unique requirements of our clients focusing on soft skills and technical skills.

  • Employee Performance Evaluation
  • Service Standards and Policies
  • Operations Process Workflow
  • Relationship Managers’ Manual
  • EMAPTA Staffing Plus (ESP)

On-site Support: Ensuring accessibility and efficient delivery of service per site.

  • State-of-the-art facilities and efficient facility team
  • Site Managers
  • Relationship Managers
  • On-site HR personnel
  • On-site IT support
  • Accessible Medical Services
  • Front desk officers

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