Sourcing Talent

EMAPTA has a dedicated marketing team creating targeted marketing and talent-appealing job ads to win the best talent. Our targeted, tested, and proven efforts attract not only active job seekers, but also, passive talent that are not active in the labour market, enabling us to quickly and successfully secure you the optimum talent for your needs.


Our sourcing activities included but are not limited to:


  • Online job board advertisement it is still most powerful tool in hiring candidates. As its main source, EMAPTA is subscribed to Jobstreet, the Philippines’ no.1 recruitment site, now owned by Australia’s SEEK Limited. We also place targeted ads in Facebook and LinkedIn.
  • EMAPTA leverages on its 1,000+ strong employees’ network through its active employee referral program where we promote all our openings internally and award a cash incentive to the employee who successfully refers a friend, colleague or network.
  • Using comprehensive tools and technologies, EMAPTA is able to map candidates on LinkedIn so we are not limited on waiting for the target candidates’ acceptance of our connection invite or reply on InMails but are able to directly contact them.
  • EMAPTA has a dedicated Digital Marketing team handling all our online media & marketing programs to create strong presence in social media and online communities (ie: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter) and reach people across the region.
  • Aside from the careers page in the EMAPTA website, EMAPTA creates a separate landing page to highlight a specific client company and its openings so it is easier for potential candidates to read through and apply directly. Other marketing collaterals such as e-brochures are also emailed to targeted market for a more accurate reach rather than just sending an opportunity email.
  • EMAPTA partners with schools and associations related to the skills and professions being targeted for hiring for a wider network.
  • For mass hiring and/or ramp-up recruitment, EMAPTA organises open-house recruitment where we invite all interested applicants to our site offices and conduct one-day processing of applications (testing, initial interview, client interview, job offer, and contract signing).
  • Strategic searching for specific talent to fill highly-specified roles. Often used for senior executive placements and/or senior technical roles including IT and finance. This process involves sophisticated talent searching, high touch contact with talent, and in-person meetings to sell the career opportunity.
  • We participate in industry specific online job forums and target broader groups in platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook. Our direct marketing programs include customised job ads (videos & brochures) that target and entice passive talent, people that are not actively job-hunting.