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Client Testimonials

“One of our big products is managing services plenty of service level agreements. The guys at EMAPTA can do the things we weren’t doing on a regular basis or typically skipped.”

Chris Adams
General Manager, TechPath

“The work ethic of Filipinos is a major factor: they’re very dedicated to systems. Since we’re taking major numbers here, we appreciate that they’re willing and well-equipped to do repetitive work.”

Erik Hipwood
Owner, BBooksXpress

“Our Paraplanners at EMAPTA now perform 80% of paperwork and administration, allowing the Australian financial advisers to focus on face-to-face customer service, relationship management and meeting new prospects.”

Matt Ripley
Managing Director, Securitas

“I have increased my turnaround time by approximately 20% using the EMAPTA offshore staffing model. I feel confident taking on more project work over the coming months and plan to add to my team in the near future."

Jeff Froster,
Managing Director, Froster Engineering

“It’s the best of both worlds for Simple iD: building an effective offshore staff and not having to perform the self-incorporation, recruitment, pay processing and infrastructure setup – all of which EMAPTA delivers. I’d consider building staff offshore a safe investment.”

Alex Laurie,
Global Operations Manager, Simple iD

“There was access to high-quality staff, university-trained people, and experienced workers. The costs of having a team here is very low compared to travel and other associated costs of having it somewhere else.”

Rob Alexander,
Sr. Financial Planner, Spectrum Financial Strategists

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