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Knowledge Centre


Traveling to the Philippines? The Knowledge Centre is the central location for specialised information and resources on things you need to know about the Philippines – from the Filipino culture, local restaurants, bars and cafes, resorts, vacation and team building spots, to business-relevant resources such as the ESP user guide, EMAPTA office locations, guidelines on overhead, costs emergency procedures and hotlines.

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Do you need to contact anyone from EMAPTA’s internal departments? Simply click on Contacts on the Navigation bar, and choose among the department list – Operations, Human Resources, Talent Acquisition, Information Technology, Finance or Senior Management – for the roster of key department members and their contact details.



Support Centre


The ESP Support Centre provides you with the support information you need to address concerns regarding your offshore team. Whether your concerns are related to IT, Human Resources, Finance or you have issues that need to be escalated to upper management, click on the department on the Support Centre menu to send a message, and we’ll respond promptly.

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Staff List


Want to get in touch with anyone from the team? Send one-to-one messages to specific members of your offshore team via Skype or email with just one click. The Staff List allows you to learn more about your team’s hobbies and interests, giving you more opportunities to connect and build a healthy working relationship.

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Employee Attendance


This feature gives you complete and full visibility of the status and attendance of your team, including their location, and start and finish time. You can check if your team is at the workplace and be advised of an employee’s reason for being late or not reporting for work.

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Video Messaging


Communication takes on a different level with the video messaging feature on ESP. Send a video message to your team from anywhere and from any device (i.e. PC, laptop, tablet or mobile phone). You can also video record a message, save it, then send it on a later date.

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Office Camera


Interact with your Philippines offshore team via live video 365 days a year, 24/7 so you can have that feeling of being in the same office with your team and you have direct interaction with them.

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Notification Centre


The Notification Centre is a centralised command centre where announcement and messages with regards to your offshore team such as new office activities, events, policies and holidays will be sent to you.

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Holidays & Events


Interact with your Philippines offshore team via live video 365 days a year, 24/7 so you can have that feeling of being in the same office with your team and you have direct interaction with them.

Filipino Vrtual Assistant





Monitor real time latency and packet loss from your team in the Philippines. Be guaranteed that your offshore team has great connectivity so you could stay in touch with them whenever needed.

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Shop & Rewards


EMAPTA workstations come fully equipped with superior PC, monitor and equipment set up to your requirements. However, in case you want to upgrade your offshore team’s equipment, get new collaboration tools, or reward your staff for a job well done, you can purchase all of these under the Shop & Rewards option on the Navigation Bar.

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Client Testimonials

“I have increased my turnaround time by approximately 20% using the EMAPTA offshore staffing model. I feel confident taking on more project work over the coming months and plan to add to my team in the near future.”

Froster Engineering Logo Jeff Froster
Managing Director, Froster Engineering

“Our Philippines offshore team is working and collaborating effectively in a purpose-built facility within EMAPTA, complete with the necessary online tools, systems, and applications that are integrated with our Australian offices.”

SOLECTRIC Australia Matt Wilkins
Owner, Solectric

“Offering a qualified workforce, infrastructure, and Internet based operations, EMAPTA aided us in our ability to respond to market demands. Our sales process has become more aggressive than passive.”

Alpha Car Hire Nigel Sellars
General Manager, Alpha Car Hire

“With the setup provided by EMAPTA and the kind of talents they have engaged, we find ease in guiding our offshore and helping them value their contribution to the business.”

Filta Global Logo Nerissa Chaux
Founder, Filta Global

“EMAPTA’s dedicated offshore staffing model provides everything we need to grow our firm and serve our clients with excellence.”

View Legal Naomi Arnold
Partner & Founder, View Legal

“Our experience with EMAPTA from day one has been amazing right through when our first two designers started. Customer experience is first class. Working with EMAPTA made employing Philippine team far easier.”

Nose to Tail Simon Hughes
Founder and Creative Director, Nose to Tail

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