Tier One Talent The EMAPTA Way

Great companies depend on great people. The more quality talent on your team, the more successful your organisation will be. Statistically, half of all employment decisions results in a mismatch: the wrong person winds up in the wrong job. At EMAPTA, the inverse is true, with retention rates double the industry averages; we will secure the right person for the right role. No matter the size of your company, we apply the same rigour and urgency to filling your open positions. Our approach to talent acquisition is proven to source, screen, and secure the most effective and suitable talent available in the market.


Our clients and the recruiting process benefit from a few things we do differently. At EMAPTA, our recruiters are highly responsive and actively communicate with you throughout the often time-sensitive recruitment process. Our recruiters may be contacted anytime and deliver a minimum response time of 90 minutes. Also, application updates are offered quickly, in only three-five business days. To help clients better assess and prepare, we offer video profile of candidates and interview recordings to supplement the standard CV, test results, and candidate assessment forms.