What Sets EMAPTA Apart?

Risk Management

At EMAPTA, we take a lifecycle approach to offshore outsourcing, where we identify and address potential risks at the onset of the engagement so as to successfully achieve our offshoring goals and effectively manage relationships as well. By partnering with us, you mitigate some of the risks associated with offshoring.


    • Legal Risks: Though your staff works exclusively for you, each employee is legally employed by EMAPTA who assumes the risks associated with this. Also, clients are not bound to a long-term contract with EMAPTA giving flexibility to changing business needs.
    • Commercial Risks: Managing risks associated with doing business offshore (e.g. service delivery issues, disruption in operations, leaks in confidential information, loss of intellectual property, data security, etc.) is an important aspect of any outsourcing relationship. To ensure efficient offshore operations and seamless service delivery, we have institutionalised, structured and standardised internal processes to help minimise risks and provide a robust foundation for a stable operation across the outsourcing cycle.
    • Cultural Risks: Offshore relationships present unique challenges because of the perceived cultural differences attributed mainly to the country or region where each company is located. As such, we facilitate and conduct training programs for both clients and their offshore staff to instil a better understanding of each other’s culture and business practices. At EMAPTA, we also understand that attending to the business relationship is as important as paying attention to these perceived differences. We ensure that an effective Client/Employee Relationship system is deeply embedded in all areas of service delivery. Aided by an Australian executive management team that is heavily immersed in the operations to provide operational oversight as well as ensure that any potential Australian/Philippine cultural gaps are avoided or seamlessly managed.


Australian Leadership Engagement

EMAPTA is proudly the opposite of traditional organisations. The company is not hierarchical, it’s flat across all operations and management is widely accessible which builds trust with our various stakeholders.

EMAPTA’s leadership team is heavily engaged in all stages of the client lifecycle to ensure objectives are met, goals achieved and the value/cost ratio is always in the client’s favour. Our entire management team, including the CEO, work on the floor alongside the EMAPTA support staff and our clients’ offshore staff, always on the frontline and directly accessible to any one of our employees and clients. Unlike other Australian-owned and managed offshoring firms, we don’t believe in having account managers based in Australia as they are completely removed from the offshore operations. Rather, we have our highly-experienced Australian management team living and onsite in the Philippines. This means that whenever you need a decision or assistance quickly or beyond the norm, maybe guidance to navigate a time-sensitive and/or tricky situation, the right person who understands the Australian context will always be on hand to deal with it.

Network of offices

EMAPTA’s eleven premium-grade, high-quality facilities include a mix of shared open-plan and private office spaces, all in highly accessible, multiple transport friendly locations, and each optimised and outfitted to create an optimum working environment that grows with your business. All our facilities are in central BPO technology hubs with 100% power back up, multiple redundant Internet connections, 24/7 security with biometric controlled access, centralised air conditioning during business hours, and in-house janitorial support.

According to major research undertaken by JobStreet.com (the Philippines’ number 1 job site, now owned by Seek), the first concern job applicants look for is the location of the office in relation to where they live. It’s not uncommon for staff to travel up to 2 hours each way, each day, to go to work; it’s no surprise having multiple locations is highly appealing to talent.

Offshore Agency in Philippines

Premium Recruitment Services Aligned to the Global Marketplace

We provide a white glove recruitment service with highly skilled subject matter experts with many years of relevant experience in their respective industries. In this regard, we guide our Clients every step of the way until they’ve been offered the right candidates, training has been completed and the staff have been on boarded. This culminates with our Clients’ satisfaction that they’ve made the right selection for their offshore teams.

Our recruitment team of fifteen includes subject matter experts in key categories, including engineering and construction specialists. We have built similar sized engineering teams for specialist steel companies, and provided tailored 1.8m by 1.8m workstations and special large format printers to enable the team to operate at peak productivity.

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