Turn to EMAPTA Recruitment Process Outsourcing and see how it can contribute to the success and growth of your business.

EMAPTA’s dedicated recruitment consultants are here to help you:

  • Improve your direct hire processes
  • Anticipate high volume hiring requirements
  • Expand recruitment sources
  • Increase recruitment productivity

Tap EMAPTA RPO and realise these benefits for your company:

  • Improve quality of hire
  • Cost savings
  • Focus on core business competencies
  • Faster time to hire
  • Better brand & candidate experience
  • Compliance to equal employment opportunity (EEO)
  • Integration of multiple sourcing channels
  • World-class expertise in functional areas


More businesses and organisations see the advantages of outsourced recruitment. EMAPTA RPO can help you address talent acquisition woes now.


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Client Testimonials

“I have increased my turnaround time by approximately 20% using the EMAPTA offshore staffing model. I feel confident taking on more project work over the coming months and plan to add to my team in the near future.”

Jeff Froster,
Managing Director, Froster Engineering

“Our Philippines offshore team is working and collaborating effectively in a purpose-built facility within EMAPTA, complete with the necessary online tools, systems, and applications that are integrated with our Australian offices.”

Matt Wilkins,
Owner, Solectric

“Offering a qualified workforce, infrastructure, and Internet based operations, EMAPTA aided us in our ability to respond to market demands. Our sales process has become more aggressive than passive.”

Nigel Sellars,
General Manager, Alpha Car Hire

“Our experience with EMAPTA from day one has been amazing right through when our first two designers started. Customer experience is first class. Working with EMAPTA made employing Philippine team far easier.”

Simon Hughes,
Founder and Creative Director, Nose to Tail

“With the setup provided by EMAPTA and the kind of talents they have engaged, we find ease in guiding our offshore and helping them value their contribution to the business.”

Nerissa Chaux,
Founder, Filta Global

“EMAPTA’s dedicated offshore staffing model provides everything we need to grow our firm and serve our clients with excellence.”

Naomi Arnold,
Partner & Founder, View Legal

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