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About EMAPTA: 

EMAPTA is an Australian-owned and managed
offshoring company committed to delivering fully managed and secure remote staffing services. Backed with more than 10 years of outsourcing experience, we now have 2,400+ staff in dedicated roles that serve 340+ clients  supported with our recruitment expertise,
HR administration, IT & data security infrastructure, and business continuity-ready network of 12 offices. 

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EMAPTA will source, screen and employ full-time remote talent following your exact requirements through our Virtual Recruitment Process where the entire screening and employment procedure is done online. Supported by our proprietary Applicant Tracking System – E-TAP, our Recruitment Specialists involve you every step of the way so you get real-time updates while they schedule and monitor each candidate’s progress as they go through the complete interview and hiring process.  

EMAPTA employs full-time remote talent tailored to your requirements. Your full-time staff enjoys all the government-mandated benefits and privileges and works exclusively for you.

Our Talent Development Specialists offer an array of career development trainings through scheduled online classes to provide new knowledge and further enhance your talent’s skills.


Employing only the most trusted and reliable talent sourcing channels our recruitment specialists source for the most qualified aspirants and perform comprehensive applicant screening and background checks. Together with our specialization subject matter experts they create assessments tailored to your exact requirements to make sure they only endorse the most qualified and suitable candidates for hiring.

With our extensive, recruitment experience and expertise, we can hire variety of remote roles in a diverse range of industries. Our top staffing categories include Finance and Accounting; Back Office; Sales and Marketing; and Information Technology.

For more information on each remote staffing category,
see our different staffing roles.

You have full control over your remote talent, who works exclusively for you - full time. You can set ways of working to foster a good stakeholder-talent relationship, provide training to familiarize them with your systems or improve their skills, and integrate them to your company culture through coaching sessions, team huddles and engagement activities.

EMAPTA Empower, our proprietary talent management system not only allows you to manage your team’s time and attendance, payroll and performance effortlessly it also helps you communicate and engage your team by rewarding their excellent performance using our Shop & Rewards feature.



Our IT Service Desk is available 24/7 to provide technical assistance and remote support.

Our IT team will conduct a mandatory workstation and internet assessment with your remote talent to accommodate the tools you need. Our IT team can also assist remotely in installing the software that your home-based talent can safely run in their workstation.

We provide enterprise-grade IT security protocols to guarantee high level data security and increased employee productivity. EMAPTA Office Connect (SSL VPN Solution) ensures secure end-to-end encryption between you and your remote staff’s workstation and provides access to EMAPTA’s supporting services. As strict workspace perimeter security is crucial, we provide all the essential data security controls form disk encryption, antivirus, data loss prevention solution, authentication service to VoIP softphone.

To know more about our best in class data security protocols, download the EMAPTA Anywhere™ Primer below.


In case of loss of internet connection or power outage your staff can report to the nearest EMAPTA office conveniently located 30 minutes away from where they reside. Our network of 12 state-of-the-art World Service Centres provides complete 24/7 hotdesking facilities with full on-site IT and HR support ensuring your staff is secure and productive.

Your staff can use and enjoy common spaces for work and collaboration. Our offices feature open seating spaces, shared desks and meeting rooms setup for video conferencing. Your staff also enjoy access to recreational and health and wellness facilities like game areas, the clinic and the gym in selected offices to unwind, rest or get fit.

Visit our website to get a glimpse of our world-class offices.


EMAPTA Anywhere (Remote Work Solution) can be highly customized to your exact requirements and budget allowing you to choose remote work setup options and data security controls to create a package that fit you best. Also included, is a complete hotdesking and business continuity plan which allows your staff to work in any of our 12 state-of-the-art World Service Centres in case of internet or power interruptions fully supported by our on-site HR and IT. Your team also enjoy access to all office amenities such as conference rooms for meetings and trainings as well as health and wellness facilities such as the clinic and gym.

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EMAPTA also offer Managed Offshore Staffing and Recruitment Process Outsourcing services.

Managed Offshore Staffing

Our offshore staffing solution help you source, recruit and assemble your offshore team for up to 70% less hiring top 5% of talent across varying roles and specializations. EMAPTA Managed Offshore Staffing also gives you the flexibility to choose from a managed private office or an open plan seating to suit the requirements of your team to operate. Our network of 12 state-of-the- art World Service Centres are ready to grow with you, located across all top business hubs, our offices, conveniently accessible from all major mass transportation hubs and commercial establishments attract top talent from all over Metro Manila and nearby provinces.

Learn how our offshore staffing solution can help you scale your business, visit empata.com

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

For high volume and seasonal hiring and resource planning needs our Recruitment Process Outsourcing service EMAPTA Talent Solutions saves you up to 40% on recruitment costs as a strategic partner. ETS helps you fulfil high-volume hiring requirements, bolster your in-house HR team, manage key recruitment functions, broaden your talent coverage and improve quality of hires across various job levels, all in consideration to your country of location. Backed up by EMAPTA’s industry leadership in offshore staffing for the last 10 years, EMAPTA Talent Solutions provide a recruitment strategy tailored to your hiring requirement, budget and timeline.

Leverage our RPO expertise to your competitive advantage, visit emaptalaentsolutions.com


Once you are ready to commence with EMAPTA Anywhere, we will give you a pre-implementation questionnaire that you can accomplish together with other reference materials before our calibration call and onboarding process. We also suggest that you start listing down all other roles and tasks that you are planning to outsource. For more information on sample roles you can outsource, please download our EMAPTA Anywhere Primer

Simply fill out the contact form to book your consultation. During our 1-on-1 discussion, our growth consultant will give you time to talk about your business requirements and provide you with a comprehensive overview of how our remote work solution can help you overcome your stated challenges. We can also help you customize your EMAPTA Anywhere package for easier setup and collaboration. From this, we will schedule a calibration call which will cover all the requirements to get you ready for offshore remote operations.