Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

EMAPTA provides services to over 200 Australian SMEs through our ten delivery centres that span Metro Manila and northern regional BPO technology hubs.


Considering the potential risks associated with offshoring, EMAPTA has set up a number of contingency arrangements to mitigate and/or prevent potential downtime as a result of force majeure or emergencies that threaten client operations, particularly if mission critical business processes are involved.



All our facilities enjoy 100% power back up and each EMAPTA office is independently connected to the Internet by three backhaul independent ISPs; each connection is delivered as fibre to our climate controlled data centres ensuring high uptime, and ease of upgrade as demand increases. Hardware redundancy is maintained at both the server and the infrastructure levels, along with professional server management.


Moreover, our facility development strategy has been to develop mid-size centres in strategically located BPO hubs rather than have larger centres. This is designed to further mitigate the risk of single point failure and provide options to clients to quickly relocate in times of crisis.


When Concerns are Closer to Home
Understandably when comparing providers, prospects tend to focus on infrastructure and services specifically at the BPO end. EMAPTA’s internationally experienced team not only manages Philippine-based risk but actively works hand-in-hand with your internal ICT team or Managed Service Provider to ensure your business-critical services are accessible by your Philippine team should you have an unexpected event onshore.